HVAC Services in Hamilton

HVAC Services Hamilton | Furnace Fuse Box

Furnace service and installations

A furnace is an integral part of a house that uses the circulation of hot air to heat the home fully. Kiedan Electric has installed countless furnaces in their time and we proudly ensure each and every system meets the highest possible standards for home heating. A primary brand of Keidan is Coleman, which is engineered for excellence and a trusted name in the heating industry.

HVAC Services Hamilton | Outdoor Air Conditioner

Air conditioning service and installations

Ontario summers bring beautiful sunny days, and with them heat and humidity. An air conditioner works by removing warm air from your home, pumping it outside, and replacing it with cooled air. At Kiedan Electric, we know the importance of having just the right temperature in your home on those extra hot days. We offer AC servicing as well as installations with our primary brand Coleman.

HVAC Services Hamilton | Wall Vent


HVAC is about so much more than just warming or cooling your home. It’s about air quality and comfort, two things you want to feel good about at all times. Mechanical ventilation is the best way to move air in and out of your space, drawing it into an air handling unit that filters our unwanted allergens and particles. Kiedan Electric is confident at ventilation installations and looks forward to helping you breathe easier in your optimal temperature range.

Coleman Heating & Air Conditioning

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