Electrical Services in Hamilton

Electrical Contractors Hamilton | Know and Tube Wiring Removal

Knob and Tube Wiring Inspection/Replacement

This outdated type of wiring is considered unsafe and might affect whether your home or business can be insured. Rely on us to expertly inspect your wiring for safety and replace it with the current standard (which can take up to two weeks). In some cases, we will need to open access to wiring, which we will repair when the job is done.

Electrical Contractors Hamilton | Image of Fuse Box Upgrades

Upgrading Fuse Panels to Breakers

Replacing fuses is a hassle, and it can also mean not being approved for home insurance if you’re still relying on a fuse panel (as it can be a fire hazard if incorrect fuses are used). We can replace your existing panel, or install a circuit breaker that’s up to code.

Electrical Contractors Hamilton | Image of Breaker Panel Upgrades

Service Upgrades

If you find your circuit breaker is tripping often when you use multiple devices, then you might benefit from an electrical service upgrade. We can upgrade your current 100 amp services to 200 amp (or even higher), which lets you safely run more equipment. This service can often be completed within two days for minimal disruption to your routine.

HVAC Contractors Hamilton | Plyers, Cords, and Wires

Custom/Commercial Wiring

Let our licensed and experienced team install quality wiring that is completely wrapped in sheath insulation and hidden away for protection from shocks. We can properly wire existing and custom homes. We are also experts in commercial wiring, knowing there is a key difference in energy loads/demands as well as equipment setup. We think of everything from installation to safety measures for your peace of mind.

Electrical Contractors Hamilton | Beautiful Living Room With Ceiling Potlights

Potlight Installations

Potlights are a practical and attractive way to light any space, especially if there is limited head clearance, as they are recessed. This soft lighting alternative is ideal in your bedroom, kitchen and basement, and can complement your existing decor.


Hot Tub Connections

These are a great addition to your home for rest and relaxation. However, if you’re going to invest in a hot tub, be sure to contact us to install it properly. We follow all safety procedures during the process, and inform you how to maintain the equipment when we’re done.